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Edible Island Planters

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   Lend Lease Tallest Wooden Building in the World,Docklands, Melbourne.

“If you want to change the world start in your own back yard”

“Change can only be made by actively doing it”


It's easy to contribute to a greener planet in very simple and enjoyable ways.

Plants don’t see CO2 as a problem …Imagine if all balconies and rooftops of cities, backyards, suburbs and commercial spaces had fruit forests, vegetables and beautiful plants growing in or on them.

Built environments can be cooled. Resilient communities of all ages and cultures can work together to reduce our carbon footprint, clean the air, provide organic produce for each other and support diversity. Its just a matter of getting started.

What inspired me?

AhumbraAs a New Zealander and designer, I began to ask myself how I could contribute to creating a greener, sustainable, less stressed environment.

I lived nine years in Melbourne and worked for a short time with a Ceres Environmental Engineer.It was our aim to design a beautiful planter that would encourage plant growth.

Balconies and rooftops in Australia are harsh places to grow plants. I felt if a planter could increase growth in these conditions it would pass the test for growing plants just about anywhere.

I lived eight years in Spain and while down south I visited the Alhambra  - a superb, beautiful Moorish garden in Granada.The Moors believed it is up to each individual to create heaven on earth and the Alhambra Garden set high on a hill top surrounded by stunning ancient architecture was a true example of that.

In Barcelona I learned the importance of creating "fun for free". Sitting at a table on a rooftop at dusk, drinking a glass of wine with neighbours while enjoying the aromas of citrus trees growing in pots surrounded by herbs, was a little slice of Heaven. Here was a productive way to create instant tranquillity in a hectic world. The Spanish are famous for enjoying night life and fiestas in illuminated night gardens on roof tops and balconies. Home grown food cooked with family and friends is enjoyable. Quiet siestas give you time to relax away from the midday heat: a tranquil moment to simply read a good book under a fragrant tree. All of it addeds to the feel good factor.
The Maori of New Zealand say that you shouldn’t build a building unless it
gives back more to the whole environment than the original land did.

Stefano Boeri "Vertical Forests", Milan.

"The project is set to create a new standard for sustainable housing," said engineering firm Arup, who is working alongside Boeri Studio to deliver the project.

"As a new growth model for the regeneration of the urban environment, the design creates a biological habitat in a total area of 40,000 square metres.

A mixture of large and small trees have been planted on balconies on all four sides of the towers, accompanied by 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 floral plants. The design team claim these will absorb dust in the air, helping to reduce pollution in the city.

"This is a kind of biological architecture that refuses to adopt a strictly technological and mechanical approach to environmental sustainability,"      said Boeri Studio in a statement.

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