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Edible Island Planters

website illuminated  both sizes
The illuminated planter has 10 colour choices with a remote at night but is solid white during the day.
Website White
Small planter.

Green Roofs and Balconies are crucial to the development of Cities if we

want to create a low carbon foot print.Edible Island Planters are a superb

and easy way to start.

  • Edible Island Planters - Urban garden design at its best.
  • Award winning designer Edible Island Planters, for plants and dwarf trees.
  • Edible Island Planters are great for balconies, rooftops and growing dwarf fruit trees and plants in almost any location.
  • Have your herbs and vegetables easily on hand "no green fingers" needed.
  • Double wall for insulation, get an extra months growth and less heat and cold stressed plants.
  • Have a building that can permanently engage in organic food production for many years to come as the Edible Island Planter will not degrade. Wooden planters last approximately 4-5 year before they start breaking down, metal and concrete planters overheat plants in summer.
  • Optional irrigation system.
  • With the right potting mix, water and sunlight, plants will grow 60 % better in an Edible Island Planter.
  • Mobile gardens.You can move plants in and out of sun or into lifts and out to next dwelling.
  • Easy to maintain, no weeding.
  • Easy on backs, or those in wheelchairs.
  • Totally recyclable,
  • Edible Island Planters are made of nontoxic polyethylene, they are food and water grade.
  • Light weight, very durable.
  • Range of u v resistant colours
  • Aeration holes in the side of the planter and good drainage holes.
  • You don’t have to have drainage holes if you want a water garden – just mention when ordering.
  • Graffiti proof, just water blast paint off.
  • Enjoy night life with the Illuminated planter, 10 vivid colour options on the one (white during the day) planter.
  • Now made in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Replace shabby pots that cook your plants with a planter that looks great and does wonderful things for your plants

website movable planterSize


Height 43cm
Length 100cm
Width 70cm
Interior 34 cm
Takes 100 litres soil
Weight empty 13 kilos

Height 72cm
Width 120cm

Interior 52 cm
Takes 500 litres of soil
Weight empty 38 kilos

Optional extras
  • Casters
  • Irrigation system
  • Led illumination
  • Colours available
open base 1
Base, holes and hose hole.
holes dark
There are six holes in each base.
Wheels and light connection 1
Casters and light connection.
outer hose hole 1
Optional Irrigation hose hole
hose and hose connection 1
Hose connection through hole and connection
soak hose and hose connection 1
Hose connection and soak hose.
soak hose length 1
Length aprox 3 metres and a half of soak hose



phoneNZ: +64 21 661 062
AU: 001161 21661062
Manufactured in Auckland and Melbourne