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The Story behind the Edible Islands

   "Edible Islands a beautiful & practical way to grow vegetables,
     fruit & flowers In small & large spaces everywhere"
Mission Statement

Eliza Donald, Designer and Director of the Edible Island Planters. Born in England grew and up in New Zealand.

I lived eight years in Barcelona working as a designer for GCA arqutectes associates and a London company CAMU. For both companies I created one-off pieces, furniture, lamps and ceramics that linked directly with the architecture and surroundings.
While living in Barcelona, I noticed that the apartment where I lived had a rooftop with spectacular views yet was normally used only for drying washing. With the help of neighbours, I organised the transformation of the space into a rooftop garden, a social place where everyone could have dinners and parties together. The evenings were cool, the view always looked terrific with a glass of wine and there were great mates to talk and collaborate with.
Around town I saw tomatoes growing in surprising places. Many of the older Spanish generation don’t like living without being in arms reach of fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes were cropping up on balconies, vacant lots, car parks, anywhere a tomato could grow. I also enjoyed the way that the Spanish liked to sit outside in Plazas and Las Ramblas (the promenades), chatting to each other about life.
The plazas, unlike our Town Squares are shady inviting places for people to slow down and take a break on hot days. All these experiences, as well as having a family deeply involved in design, arts and gardening, influenced the ideas for the Edible Island Planter design.

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Dr Jan E Rawlins, Acquisitions, Promotion.
A doctor & scientist born in the UK, of French English heritage, with a great love of gardening,brought up in a Stately home with landscaped gardens by Capability Brown.

Making a better world for all to live in,as healthily as possible has always been Jan's aim in life.

Having travelled world wide extensively Jan, like Eliza has been seen ways that we can quite inexpensively create our surrounds for all to live in.

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